SEA (Suffolk Energy Assessment) – delivering cost savings and energy efficiency through sustainable solutions

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Delivering cost savings and energy efficiency
through sustainable solutions

Carbon emissions reduction: services, solutions, support

Our principal assessor at SEA (Suffolk Energy Assessment) is certified by the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) as a Low Carbon Consultant. He is also a CIBSE-certified Low Carbon Energy Assessor, and specializes in minimizing energy use and carbon emissions from buildings at both design stage and in operation. SEA (Suffolk Energy Assessment) would be pleased to complete any or all of the following according to the needs of your property or scope of your project:

  • confirm compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations
  • reduce your building's energy costs
  • incorporate low-carbon / renewable energy technologies
  • assess and / or advise on energy efficiency and conservation
  • suggest and implement cost-effective energy efficiency improvements to your building
  • recommend passive design technologies that make best use of shade and natural ventilation
  • advise on the development of corporate social responsibility or environmental policy.

Please contact SEA (Suffolk Energy Assessment) directly to discuss your property or project in further detail, for a quote, or to book an appointment.

SEA (Suffolk Energy Assessment): services, solutions, support

phone: (0330) 2020 123; email:
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