SEA (Suffolk Energy Assessment) – delivering cost savings and energy efficiency through sustainable solutions

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Delivering cost savings and energy efficiency
through sustainable solutions

Energy management and environmental audits: services, solutions, support

SEA (Suffolk Energy Assessment) can complete any or all of the following according to the needs of your property or scope of your project:

  • help you save on operating costs and reduce the environmental impact of refurbishment
  • monitor and analyze your property's energy usage
  • assess energy performance variables, such as a building's construction and layout, heating and ventilation strategy, and lighting
  • support you in meeting mandatory requirements for low carbon targets
  • prepare energy management reports and help you to monitor and meet organizational environmental policy objectives
  • assist in the delivery of your sustainable housing refurbishment project utilizing the BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment scheme
  • recommend sustainable building materials and energy conservation approaches for traditional properties as well as for more modern buildings
  • provide multifaceted environmental consultancy, including practical, progressive recommendations from independent industry experts on water and waste
  • calculate your property's energy demand and carbon emissions to establish compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations
  • utilize Government-approved methodologies and industry best practice to provide an energy performance assessment specifically tailored to your requirements and those of your property, portfolio, or project.

Please contact SEA (Suffolk Energy Assessment) directly to discuss your property or project in further detail, for a quote, or to book an appointment.

SEA (Suffolk Energy Assessment): services, solutions, support

phone: (0330) 2020 123; email:
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