SEA (Suffolk Energy Assessment) – delivering cost savings and energy efficiency through sustainable solutions

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Delivering cost savings and energy efficiency
through sustainable solutions

Energy efficiency: services, solutions, support

SEA (Suffolk Energy Assessment) undertakes accredited, independent, and cost-effective energy audits for clients and companies wishing to cut costs and improve energy performance in their domestic or non-domestic properties and across their portfolios. We will be pleased to complete any or all of the following according to the needs of your property or scope of your project / policy objectives:

  • review energy bills and usage patterns, and monitor and analyze real-time consumption data
  • analyze energy demand during various seasons or under different operating conditions
  • measure energy consumption and quantify potential savings
  • identify where energy use is at its highest, and where it can be most reduced
  • make recommendations - including technological and behavioural changes - for improving energy efficiency, reducing energy use at peak times / overall demand, and cutting costs
  • prepare a prioritized list of energy performance improvement measures - with implementation costs and projected payback times - that can be taken to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and cut carbon emissions and fuel costs
  • suggest renewable and low-carbon technologies, where viable
  • use energy audit data obtained for the surveyed property or site to contribute towards ongoing energy performance monitoring and improvement across a company group or property portfolio
  • utilize Government-approved methodologies and industry best practice to identify where energy efficiency improvements can be made

Please contact SEA (Suffolk Energy Assessment) directly to discuss your property or project in further detail, for a quote, or to book an energy efficiency audit of your property.

SEA (Suffolk Energy Assessment): services, solutions, support

phone: (0330) 2020 123; email:
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