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Delivering cost savings and energy efficiency
through sustainable solutions

Thermal performance assessments: services, solutions, support

SEA (Suffolk Energy Assessment) carries out U-value calculations, SAP surveys, and thermal imaging commissions, among other methodologies, to assess the thermal performance of buildings.

  • Thermal performance depends on the effectiveness of your property's walls (and other building elements) in reducing the rate at which heat escapes from the interior to the exterior of the building.
  • A building element's thermal transmittance or U-value is a measure of the rate of heat transferring through construction materials and systems. The lower the U-value, the more thermally efficient a material or system is assessed to be.
  • Calculating the U-value of a building element, such as a wall, accounts for the thermal conductivity and thickness of each constituent building material(s). The better a material is in resisting the conduction of heat, the lower its thermal conductivity value will be.
  • U-values are also affected by inadequate air tightness and increasing air pressure (wind). To improve comfort and save energy, air infiltration (unplanned air changes) should be reduced, draughts avoided, and air leakages in a building's fabric resolved.
  • Thermal imaging – another service offered by SEA (Suffolk Energy Assessment) – allows for air leakage pathways to be identified and for appropriate repairs to be recommended.

Please contact SEA (Suffolk Energy Assessment) directly to discuss your property or project in further detail, for a quote, or to book a thermal performance assessment of your building.

SEA (Suffolk Energy Assessment): services, solutions, support

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